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Sliding & Folding frameless glass walls and doors

affordable luxury, Engineered to last

Indulge in Elegance Without Breaking the Bank – CristaWall, Where Luxury Meets Durability!

Experience the perfect blend of beauty and brawn with CristaWall sliding & folding frameless glass wall enclosures. Affordable luxury takes center stage as we seamlessly marry exquisite design with robust engineering, ensuring a stylish haven that stands the test of time.

Innovative Design

CristaWall is leading the way in innovative sliding & folding frameless glass wall systems.  We ensure you that our systems are cutting edge and will last you a lifetime.

Custom Built for YOUR project

Each and every CristaWall system is custom-built for your home or office. 

Indoor / Outdoor

CristaWall premium hardware and durable frame design allows for unobstructed views and protection from the elements.


Sliding & folding frameless glass walls and doors.

Made to Fit Your Space

CristaWall folding frameless glass walls and doors are custom made to fit your home or office.

Easy to Clean

CristaWall systems are designed to be low maintenance.  Our durable rollers are located at the top to reduce wear and tear and to prevent damage by track debris.

Tempered Glass

Super strong and secure.  Our system is available in tempered and laminated tempered glass.


Weather sealed for unobstructed views and protection from the elements.


No need to compromise

Our high-performance frameless glass walls not only showcase unparalleled beauty but also serve as a fortress against the harshest elements. Revel in the confidence of top-tier security, knowing that your investment in CristaWall is a commitment to a lifetime of enduring sophistication. Elevate your space without sacrificing durability – choose CristaWall for a lifetime of affordable luxury!

CristaWall easy slide & fold glass walls are simple to Open and Close

Say goodbye to weather woes and hello to endless outdoor enjoyment with CristaWall sliding & folding frameless glass wall and door systems. Open up your patio to bask in the sun on beautiful days, and simply close it off when the weather turns dreary. With CristaWall, your patio becomes a year-round sanctuary where every moment is an opportunity for fun and relaxation. Rain or shine, embrace outdoor living at its finest with CristaWall!



What finishes and colors are available?

Our systems are available in three standard colors:  white, black and bronze.   Looking for another color? No problem, our frameless glass systems can also be custom powder coated in just about any color you want. 

What types of glass are available?

Our system comes standard with 3/8″ tempered glass up to 9ft tall.  It is also available in:  1/2″ tempered, 1/2″ tempered laminated glass, high-performance Low E glass, tinted glass and reflective glass.  You name it, it’s likely available.    

How long does it take to get my new system installed?

Once you’ve decided on your perfect design and it has been ordered, it typically takes 6-8 weeks to be custom-built and installed.  Depending on the size of your custom frameless glass system, it usually takes 1-2 days for installation.

Are your folding frameless enclosures weatherproof?

Our stacking frameless glass systems are engineered to withstand the harsh elements of coastal and non-coastal properties.   

What sizes are available?

CristaWall systems are available up to 9ft tall and from 4ft wide to as wide as you need it.   Glass panel widths are available up to 36″ wide. 

Do you offer a warranty?

Absolutely, our frameless glass systems come with one of the industries best warranties.

Are your systems top hung or bottom hung?

Our stacking frameless glass systems are top hung so the are easy to operate and their operating components are protected from the elements.  Also because they are top hung, they are not subject to premature failure and future operational difficulty due to lower track obstructions found in bottom hung assemblies.

How much does your system weigh?

It depends on the size of your space.   On average, it weights 6.5lbs per square foot. 

Can the lower track be recessed?

Absolutely!   The majority the systems we install are recessed.   

We don’t only create beautiful spaces.
We make great products as well!

Embrace the allure of open living during pleasant weather, effortlessly merging your indoor and outdoor spaces. With CristaWall sliding & folding frameless glass walls and doors, relish the symphony of nature’s sounds, all while having the confidence of shelter at your fingertips. When the elements demand protection, CristaWall stands as your fortress, seamlessly combining style, functionality, and peace of mind. Redefine your space, redefine your lifestyle – experience the extraordinary with CristaWall!

Let’s Start Something new!

Reach out to us and we’ll get you in touch with one of our expert frameless glass product consultants.  We can’t wait to hear about your new project!